Videographer, cinematographer, wedding creative, film maker.. I’ve seen all these titles and more, adding unnecessary confusion when, in truth, it all amounts to the same role. What really matters, for me, is capturing beautiful memories that you are going to treasure all your lives.

My approach is to be completely discreet. I want to respect the environment of a wedding, for both you and your guests. Generally, no one will even know they are being filmed. I truly believe that through my relaxed approach, I’m not only able to deliver, but will ultimately be able to provide the most natural, intimate and emotive results.

I use small, silent cameras, no complicated rigs or big fluffy microphones and a world away from the ugly, overbearing equipment that screams ‘eye-sore’. I’ll dress the part and I’ll blend in, there’s no direction, posing or cameras pointed in faces, and in stripping all this away, the focus can remain on the important stuff.. creating a lasting legacy of memories using natural light and real cinematic techniques.

I love getting to know my couples, hearing their stories and capturing their day. Each time, the story is completely unique, and I can’t wait to tell yours.

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